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Seaview Little League

Seaview Little League Field Improvements

Through the support of our amazing Community, our annual Hit-a-thon and the support of our Fireworks stand this past Fourth of July - we are looking forward to some exciting improvements around our complex. You will see a lot of changes to our complex over the coming year.

Our complex looks as good as it ever has. Look below at some of the items we are currently fundraising for along with projects that have already begun and/or completed recently.  We thank all of you for your support in making Seaview a wonderful place for our kids to play baseball and our families to all come together. 

Upcoming Improvements that we are currently fundraising for:

·         Convert MA/Majors bullpen into multipurpose bullpen and batting cages

·         Laser leveling of Majors and Minor A field

         Install shading over bleachers at each field.  (currently fundraising for this item)

    • Majors and Minor A outfield bleachers (completed 2024)
    • Purchase a motorized field nail dragger (completed 2024)

 On-going Annual Improvements:

·         Clay will be added to pitcher's mounds and batter boxes to strengthen them.

·         The lips between the infield dirt and outfield grass will be removed (multi-year process).

·         The outfield grass will be leveled (multi-year process).

·         Re-paint backstops and foul poles.

·         Repair/replace fencing as needed on all fields.

·         The infields are professionally pin-dragged on a weekly basis. 

·         Scoreboard maintenance 

·         Score shacks maintenance 

Recently Completed Improvements:

·         Gates to fully close and lock around Tee Ball and Minor C fields (completed summer 2023)

·         Held and sponsored our first D62 Challenger event (completed end of 2023 season)

·         Minor B dugout repair (completed 2023)

·         Minor A new benches in dugout (completed 2023)

·         New umpire gear and uniforms (completed 2023)

·         Security system and smart locks (completed 2023)

·         Modernize bathrooms (completed 2023)

·         Upgrade snack bar and add square pay (completed 2023)

·         Picnic eating area around the snack bar (completed 2023)

·         Minor C new scorekeeper raised patio. (completed 2023)

·         New wind screens to be installed all fields (completed 2023)

·         New Junior and D62 Umpire room (completed 2023)

·         Replace foul poles on Minor B field. 

·         Helmet bins in all dugouts 2022 season

·         Painted score board on majors 2021 season

·         Over 20 tons of infield dirt "ultra blend" added to infields 2021 season

·         New netting around Major and Minor A 2021 season

·         Snack bar and restrooms 2020 season

·         Two bullpens behind Majors field 2020

·         New backstop pads were installed prior to 2019 season.

·         Old score shacks torn down and new ones built on upper fields for 2019 season. 

·         New equipment storage bins added by Minor B, Minor C, Coach Pitch and Tee Ball fields for the 2019 season.

·         Bullpens rebuilt to include turf-covered mounds and home plate areas prior to 2019 season. 

·         Grass area behind Majors and Minor A fields leveled and seeded for 2019 season. Is now usable practice space.

·         Replaced yellow fence topping on Coach Pitch field prior to 2019 season. 

·         Repaired backstop fencing and wood planks on Majors field prior to 2018 season. 

·         Sun shades were added to the dugouts during the 2018 season.

·         Permanent batting cages were built for all teams to utilize during the 2017 season.

·         The infield dirt mix was changed to better absorb rain water and not harden to a concrete surface when it dries. 

·         A maintenance company that specializes in sports fields was hired to provide our weekly maintenance needs.

·         Majors, Minor A and maintenance equipment storage facilities relocated behind the Minor A field.  Trees and landscaping added around the storage container for the 2018 season.

·         Electronic scoreboard for Minor B installed prior to the 2018 season.

·         Electronic scoreboard for Minor A installed prior to the 2017 season.


These improvements are made possible in part by the player registration fees, but the large majority of the funds comes from our sponsors and fundraising activities such as the annual hit-a-thon.  We would like to thank all of our families, volunteers and community sponsors for making Seaview a great place for baseball.