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Scorekeeping Information

How to keep score: Training Videos

Keeping a scorebook pt1

Keeping a scorebook pt2

GameChanger Training

GameChanger Training Video

SVLL GC App Demo

Game Changer Youtube tutorial (49m)

Game Changer Youtube tutorial (short 13m)

Baseball Cheat Sheet


App Setup

Download app on ios or Android

  1. Managers & Team Scorekeepers must download the GameChanger Baseball app.


  1. There are two GameChanger apps: Baseball/Softball and Team Manager 

    1. The two apps are slightly connected in that you can import teams from one to the other but they do not sync. “Events”, etc. that you set up in “TeamManager” won’t show up in “GameChanger” 

    2. Team Manager has a scorekeeping option, but it will not sync with the rest of the league so its imperative you use “GameChanger Baseball” for all scorekeeping. 

Team set-up

  1. Minor C, Minor B, Minor A, and Majors teams have all been set up in the app by the league

    1. Managers should have received an email invite

    2. Follow the link in the email and sign-in/register

  2. Rosters were uploaded

    1. E-mail addresses on file for SVLL registration were included in the rosters

    2. Each family should have also received an invite to “join the team”

    3. It isn’t mandatory that every family downloads or uses the app 

  3. Game schedules have also been uploaded for every team 

    1. If you log on and don’t see your schedule - it's likely you are in the wrong app (see above)

    2. Teams may add practices, etc. to the schedule, but please don’t edit/modify the game schedule as the league is all synced up

    3. If there is a question or suspected error with the schedule - please reach out to Brian Sparks ([email protected])

  4. Team Admins- Teams are allowed 4 admins.

    1. In addition to the manager - the SV Board has admin right for each team - please do not remove the SV account as an admin

    2. Admin rights are required to scorekeep so its suggested to use the other 2 admins for scorekeeping

    3. If you have more than 2 scorekeepers that will routinely need admin rights - you may want to set up another account that can be shared amongst others. It would require a separate email account added to the team, etc. 

  5. While Team Rosters have already been imported - please update uniform numbers once uniforms are distributed. This will make gameday lineup setting much easier for everyone 


  1. Scorekeeper should plan on arriving at the game at a minimum of 15 minutes before the game. 

  2.  Log-in to the app and click on the game on the “schedule”

  3. Click “score game” to launch the scorekeeping

  4. The app may ask which team is batting first/fielding first even though home and away are entered in the scheduled. Scorekeeper is generally always “Home” by default.

  5. Before the game begins - each manager will provide the scorekeeper with a lineup card

    1. On the bottom - click on “my team” to enter the lineup provided by your manager

    2. Select “add from bench” Every player on the roster will be listed

    3. Select each player that is on the lineup card from the roster - note there may be players missing - then click “done”

    4. Clicking on the players in the order that they are listed on the lineup card will automatically put the players in order 

    5. Next select the opponent’s team at the bottom and do the same for the opponent’s lineup

    6. THe lineup can be moved after it has been entered by moving players in the lineup using the 3 lines on the far right of each player on the lineup

    7. Go back to “score” at the bottom and select “set pitcher” at the top and select the pitcher listed as the pitcher on the lineup card

    8. In addition to the pitcher - you must record who the catcher is for each inning. Click on the red C at the bottom of the screen below home plate and select the catch

    9. Entering the positions for all other players in the lineup is optional, but as they are likely to change every inning - it can be difficult to stay up to date.  


  1. Click Menu in top right and “Game Over” 

  2. You will then be asked if you want to: “export Box”, “resume scoring” or “exit game”

  3. Please select Export Box score and email boxscore to: [email protected] 

Player Pool

  1. If a team is short players and is using a player from the “player pool” - that player will not show up on the roster. When entering the starting lineup - you will have “Create a player” instead of “add from bench” 


You are now ready to score - click on pitch to enter the result of each pitch. 

See above for detailed scorekeeping demos on youtube. 

End of Inning

  1. When a team reaches three outs - the app will automatically switch teams to begin the next half inning

  2. If the inning ends before 3 outs, such as 5 run rule, click on “menu” and select “end half inning”


  1. Utilizing GameChanger provides accurate pitch counting in addition to scorekeeping

  2. Please make sure every inning you set the pitcher to whoever is pitching. 

  3. If a pitcher is changed mid-inning - click on the pitcher’s name in the main score screen and select “sub-out” pitcher and then select the replacement pitcher

  4. It is also important to select who is catching each inning due to the interaction of pitch counts and catcher limits. 

  5. For pitch counting purposes, it is important to account for every pitch - including foul balls with two strikes, even though the batter’s count doesn’t change

  6. Visitor Team will still be responsible for “official pitch count”

    1. Single-game use pitch count sheets will be available in the scoreshacks and MC bins. 

    2. Pitch log, including pitcher eligibility, will be recorded on each Manager’s log and signed off by the manager. 

    3. Each manager will keep their own log and the single game sheets can be left in the scoreshacks when completed

    4. Please reach out to [email protected] for questions on pitch count


  • Rosters will not be imported for any non-Seaview teams

  • There are generally 3 approaches for setting the lineup for interleague games:

    • Use lineup “placeholders” app will ask how many players on the team? 

    • Enter uniforms #s per the lineup card as provided by opposing manager (recommended)

    • Enter Names and/or numbers from lineup card