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Jan, 2022

Tryout Schedule

 TRYOUT SCHEDULE:  Click Here   revised 1/7/2022

This year, due to the recent spike in Covid-19 Case Counts, we are asking families to not congregate for long periods, practice social distancing when possible, and wear a mask when social distancing is not possible.  we would also request that you leave once your tryout is complete. This is in an attempt to avoid a further rise in Covid-19 case counts.


You must arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to check in.

Please arrive in full baseball gear - baseball pants, cleats, hat, glove, bat, and batting helmet.

10, 11, and 12 Year olds will tryout on the Majors field

7/8 and 9 year olds will tryout on the Minor A field

League Age 7 year old players do not tryout unless you would like your player to play up in the Minor C division.  In that case, you will tryout and be eligible for the Minor C draft.  Note: if your player is not drafted at the Minor C draft, then he will play with his own age group in the coach pitch division.

If you have a conflict, please email [email protected] ASAP.


Who must participate in tryouts?
Tryouts are only for players who are League Age 8 and above.  ALL Players who are League Age 8 or older, must be evaluated in order to be placed on a team.  This is mandated by Little League International and there are no exceptions. Any League Age 7 players who want to be eligible for the Minor C division draft must also participate in a league-sanctioned tryout.  

What will the participants do at tryouts?
At Tryouts, players are evaluated on their abilities to throw, catch, hit and run.  Each player will be evaluated on the following: Catching fly balls in left field and throwing to second base, Fielding ground balls at shortstop and throwing to first base, Catching thrown balls from shortstop at first base, Hitting the ball and running the bases.

What do I need to bring to tryouts?
Please arrive in full baseball gear - baseball pants, cleats, hat, glove, bat, and batting helmet.  

How can I prepare my child for tryouts?
Please encourage your child to try his or her best at the tryouts, but in the end, this is supposed to be FUN! We want the kids to relax and take a deep breath - everyone of league age is going to get on a team!

What happens if my player does not have a good tryout?
Don't worry, it happens. Rest assured that ALL players will be placed on a team regardless of their performance at tryouts.

What time is my player's tryout? 
On the Thursday prior to tryouts, a schedule will be posted on the website and emailed out to all players.  This schedule will list all players tryout time. PLEASE arrive 10 minutes prior to your designated tryout time to check in. Tryout times are organized by age group and coordinated with the various team managers who are present to evaluate players for the various divisions in which they qualify to play. 

What if my player is unable to attend at the designated time?
If you find that you are absolutely not able to attend tryouts at your designated time, please contact the Player Agent at [email protected] as soon as possible. As a reminder, Little League International requires that ALL Players who are League Age 8 or older, to tryout and be evaluated in order to be placed on a team prior. There are no exceptions. 

What if a player cannot participate in the tryouts due to an injury?
A registered and paid player who is physically unable to participate in the tryouts due to a temporary injury (e.g., broken arm, sprained ankle, etc.) should notify the Player Agent of their injury and recuperative status and then still attend a tryout session. They will be excused after tryout registration.

What else do I need to know?
Probably the most important thing that we ask at tryouts is for your patience. There are a lot of players that need to be evaluated during tryouts.  We have a host of dedicated volunteers who do their very best to keep things running smoothly and on time. When you arrive, please check in and have your player get warmed up and ready to have fun!

What is the draft?
After tryouts, managers of each division (Minor C and up) participate in a Player Draft Night.  The draft helps the League form balanced teams and ensure that players are selected in divisions with other players of similar ability.  At the draft, managers first draw a random order and then draft their teams in a serpentine fashion.  For example, whomever has the last pick in the first round, will get the first pick in the second round and so forth.  The highest division drafts first (Majors) and is followed by the next lower division.  Any player not selected in a draft is automatically placed in the draft for the next (lower) division.

Can players be protected?
Players may not be protected by managers, with the exception of their own children. The children of any assistant coaches must be selected during the draft or traded for on draft night.

In which division will my player be placed?
The divisions in which players will be drafted, depends on each individual player. Players with advanced ability may be selected for the highest division that they are eligible to play. For example, a League-Age 8 player first becomes eligible during the Minor B draft.  The majority of League Age 8 players will be drafted into Minor C.  However, there might be a small group of players that need more development, remain undrafted and are then placed in the Coach Pitch division. This arrangement gives each child the greatest opportunity to develop during the season

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