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Jul, 2024


The Seaview Little League Superstars have triumphed in a spectacular fashion, securing the championship title with a resounding 17-1 victory over San Clemente. This monumental win underscores the team’s exceptional talent, teamwork, and determination throughout the season.

The championship game, held at Fountain Valley Sports Park, saw the Seaview Superstars deliver an outstanding performance from the first pitch to the final out. The team’s relentless offense and solid defense were on full display, overwhelming their opponents and captivating the enthusiastic crowd.

This game featured more highlights than the MLB All-Star game! These remarkable contributions not only led the Superstars to victory but also exemplified the high level of skill and sportsmanship that the Seaview Little League is known for.

“We are incredibly proud of our players and coaches for their hard work and dedication,” said Brett Barber, Manager of the Seaview Superstars. “This victory is a testament to their commitment and the support of our wonderful community. We look forward to continuing this success.”

The Seaview Little League Superstars’ championship win is a memorable conclusion to an impressive season, setting a high standard for the seasons to come. The team and its supporters celebrate this victory, which reflects the spirit and excellence of Seaview Little League baseball.