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President- Brian Sparks

The 2023 season will be my family’s ninth year in Seaview Little League and my 8th year on the SVLL Board. Seaview has been a big part of our family’s life and I am proud of the difference we have made. The Seaview community is as strong as it’s ever been after managing the uncertainty of the past couple years. This year we were able to bring back all of the events that bring the community together such as opening day, the Hit-a-Thon, and Angel Day.

With the support of the community, our membership is up and the future of our league is bright. We’ve been able to invest in the league over the past 12 months for the first time in many years and our grounds look as good as they ever have. Our new snack bar was a major success and we will continue to look for other ways to improve the experience for our Seaview families. I look forward to another year serving the community as the President of the Seaview Board of Directors. My motto has always been that we should strive to leave the community better than when we arrived. Coming off of a successful 2022 season, we are well poised to make SVLL even stronger for the next generation of Seaview families and players.

Vice President- Randy Whitecotton 

I am running for a second term as Vice President for SVLL. The VP, along with the entire Board is responsible for making the players’ and families’ time at Seaview the best possible experience. The VP is also responsible for running the Fall Ball program, and I enjoyed that experience last season. I have been on the Board for five years, and would welcome an opportunity to return. Also, I have been a player, coach, and manager at Seaview for many years, and know the Board will continue the Seaview tradition of fielding fun, and competitive teams. I have enjoyed getting to know many of the players, parents and managers, and would appreciate the opportunity to be Vice President again for the 2023 season.

Treasurer- Miah Lumberg

Hello, I am Miah Lumberg. I am the current Seaview Treasurer and a mom of three Seaview little leaguers. My husband Thomas and I were welcomed into the Seaview Little League family six years ago, when our oldest son began in Coach Pitch. Our boys are now in Minors C, B, and A. Thomas has coached for several years now and he and our son Tommy are also certified umpires. The fields and the families feel like a second home to all of us!

In addition to serving as your Treasurer for the past year, I have been a team parent for many teams over the past four years and help on the field during games and practices whenever I can. I also currently serve as Treasurer for Moffett Elementary’s PTA.

Professionally, I have been in commercial real estate lending / banking for 23 years and have a bachelor’s degree in finance. I currently run a commercial construction lending team for a publicly traded REIT and am well versed in finance, insurance, and legal documents / contracts.

I strive to be a patient, fair and objective, a good listener, and a problem solver for our Seaview families. I’d welcome the opportunity to continue on as treasurer and give back to the league that has given so much to us. Thank you very much for your consideration!

Information Officer- Harmony Sparks

Next year will be my 9th year as a Seaview Parent and my 2nd year on the board. I have been the team parent every year for one or both of my boys and have been a scorekeeper since Minor C. I was snack bar co-chair last year and worked hard to revamp the new snack bar to become what it is today. I am looking to take on a new role this year as information officer. My long history with the league combined with my background in accounting and real estate will help me seamlessly step into this role. I look forward to working with the board to continue making Seaview the best it can be!

Lower Division Player Agent- Jason Villareal

I have had the opportunity to be involved in the Seaview Little League Community for the last 8 years. My family is very grateful for the many special friendships we have made while being a part of the league. I truly love baseball, and more importantly, enjoy seeing the players of this league grow and enjoy a game which is so special. My interest in the board is to ensure the best possible experience is had by all, and to give back to the league which has brought me so many good times. I currently serve on the board as the Lower Division Coordinator and look forward to remaining on the Board for the following year and serving as the Lower Division Player Agent. I am confident I can bring the effort and willingness to ensure Seaview Little League continues to be a positive place for kids to learn and enjoy baseball.

Lower Division Coordinator- Theresa Comins

My name is Theresa Comins. After being team parent for a few years I wanted to do more for SVLL. It’s been my pleasure to serve on the board in the Lower Division for 4 years now. I feel a sense of pride to be part of an organization that cares so much and gives back to the community.

Upper Division Player Agent- Brian Huber

Hello SVLL Families. This is Brian Huber and I have decided to volunteer this year again as the Upper Player Agent. If chosen, this would be my fourth-year volunteering for our community. As a family we have our 5th year being a part of SVLL. I enjoy volunteer work, assisting our community, families, and friends. I hope to be able to continue this fun tradition for another year. Thank you!

Upper Division Coordinator- Aly Brown

My family started with Seaview when we moved to Huntington Beach and our oldest son was in Coach Pitch. Our oldest is now in Minor A, our youngest is in Coach Pitch. Over the last several years I have been a team parent and my husband has helped with field maintenance, umpiring and assistant coaching when available. Currently I am the Upper Division Coordinator and have enjoyed getting to know the managers and all the families at our Seaview events.

My background is in special education, which I feel allows me to relate to the many needs of children and families. As a family we feel sports organizations are extremely important in children’s lives as they are developing life long skills.

We have been welcomed to the Seaview community with open arms and feel fortunate to be apart of such an amazing organization. If elected to the board I hope to give back the same positive experience to the other families in the Seaview community. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to the next season!

Sponsorship- Troy Hall

As a parent of 1 boy currently in SVLL (Majors) and a 13 year old who recently aged out, I enjoy not only the community feel that SVLL provides but also look forward to giving back in the way of Sponsorship for the Board. For the past 9 years I have had the honor of Coaching and Assistant Coaching for both my boys. In addition, my wonderful wife (Judi Hall) is a long time volunteer as well and currently runs the Snack Bar for SVLL.

I would like to be considered for the Board of Directors position of Sponsorship once again. I promise to dedicate the utmost professionalism to this position and work diligently to raise as much funds as possible to support the infrastructure and success of SVLL Baseball.

Safety Officer - Greg Glover

After many years around the league, last year I felt it was my time to step up and help out and become Safety Manager. This would be my second year doing so. I have been involved in Seaview since 2015 as a manager and a coach every year, even taking on managing 2 teams for 3 seasons. I've also been involved as a coach in AYSO, Upward and NJB for the last 5 years. Although I did not grow up in HB, I've always been a local community and team supporter in everything I have done in life. It's been a pleasure to meet all the families and kids over the years and I feel that I'm relatively known around SV for being competitive, but fun and fair most importantly.

Working for a major mechanical contractor in the area, I understand how important safety is and hope to implement the same mindset in SV that I do in my work environment. I would appreciate the opportunity to be the Safety Manager for the 2022-23 season.

Umpire in Chief- David Malacon

After immigrating to Huntington Beach from Australia in late 2017, I was blessed to land in Huntington and be able to resettle my family perfectly and fortunately within the SVLL zone. Since signing up for the 2021 season, I have watched my 3 young kids and indeed our whole family as a unit, continue to grow and expand though massive boundaries including my own personal fulfilment that I find in proudly performing my duties at UIC for the league.

I am a proud and passionate US citizen now, and I find the core values and culture nurtured within the SVLL environment complimentary to my position and my held views. My young children receive so much more than just baseball coaching and instructions here- they are literally being prepared for life within America as responsible and patriotic members of a community. This is done by teaching them in honoring the game, respecting the rules, and remembering the history of the country and those who fight for our freedoms held under this mighty flag.

I am deeply honored and humbled to hold my position within the board as UIC. I value not only the amazing camaraderie I share with my fellow D62 umpires, but also the opportunity I have in offering a very positive impact to all the amazing players I get to work with each game and have input into their young lives within baseball. I also simply love the unique opportunity I get daily in mentoring my amazing crew of junior umpires who never cease to amaze me.

Equipment Manager- Brian Richardson

The 2023 spring season will be my 6th season coaching/managing at Seaview and 3rd on the board. I have one boy and one girl in Seaview.

We have enjoyed the community that has been created here and have become friends with many of the players’ parents off the field.

Baseball was my life for my entire childhood and into my late 20s. I have played and coached at many different levels and take pride in teaching the youth in the areas where I reside into becoming valuable and respectable members of society. My goal is to teach life lessons through sports and to solidify many positive childhood memories the players can recollect upon and pass on to their children.

More importantly, I have waited for many years to have a child of my own that I could spend countless hours with as their coach. This is the same passion my father had with me for my youth years. I always promised myself that I would give my child the same dedication that my father did with me as it helped shape me into who I am today.

During the manager interviews this year I gave my word to the board that one day I would join in some capacity. If you look at any youth programs there are people that are contributors and there are others that are fully committed. Without the latter, there is no program. I am keeping my promise here and excited to break into the SVLL board by serving as the Equipment Coordinator for the 2023 season if elected. I hope to bring value to the board with my experience, positive attitude, dedication, and my ability to always have fun.

Auxiliary- Melissa Rizk

I have been lucky enough to be involved with Seaview Little League for over five years. The first four years I was lucky enough to coach my three sons, Hendrix 9 , Fletcher 9, and Max 11, in the lower division. My other passion besides my family is event planning. I’ve had my event business for 17 years and is why I felt the auxiliary chair position is a perfect fit for me. This will be my third year on the board and hopefully many more to come.

Co-Snack Bar Chair- Judi Hall

I have been part of SVLL for 9 years now, along with my husband Troy. We have a son (Lincoln Hall) who recently aged out and our current Son (Cash Hall) who is in Majors. Both my husband and I have put countless hours into volunteering for SVLL over the years as Board Members, running the Snack bar, Team Mom, Scoring

Games, Announcing Games, and more. I personally love SVLL and enjoy all the families and friendships I have built. I would like to ask for your vote as the Snack bar Chair for the 2022-23 Season.

Co-Snack Bar Chair- Kara Ritter

Next year will be our family’s 8th year with Seaview. I have volunteered throughout the years as a dugout Mom, team parent, helped with try-outs and as a scorekeeper the past 4 years. My involvement with our

community does not end with Seaview. I love serving our community and know I could be a great addition to the Seaview Board. My experience as President of a nonprofit-organization and holding multiple board positions has taught me a lot. My biggest focus has and will always be the kids!

Secretary- Catherine Okos

My name Catherine Okos, I have enjoyed being the Seaview Little League Secretary this past year. My family started playing baseball at Seaview in 2020; which was not the most normal year for any sports/activities. Our boys absolutely love the sport and made very good friends in the Seaview community.

Growing up I played softball through high school and attended every Chicago Cubs game I could.

Prior to being a stay at home mom, to spend more time with my kids, I worked as an Emergency Dept RN. I have been room parent, team mom and volunteered for several charities. In our free time you can find us traveling, hiking, biking, camping and swimming. I also do the crossword puzzle everyday, so I am hoping it benefits me as the secretary for next year.

VACANT – Field Maintenance

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